Mr. Mohammad Shahriar Khan


Welcome to the ICT Olympiad Bangladesh,

Where innovation meets opportunity. As a trustee, we're thrilled to witness the brightest minds in Bangladesh showcasing their talent and passion for technology. Best wishes to all participants, and may your journey in this Olympiad be both challenging and rewarding.

Mr. Md Abdur Rahman Nipu

Senior Vice Chairman

On behalf of the Board of Trustees,

It is our honor to extend a warm welcome to each of you joining the ICT Olympiad Bangladesh. Your dedication to excellence in technology and problem-solving is commendable, and we eagerly anticipate the innovative solutions you'll present. Wishing you success and fulfillment throughout this exciting competition.

Mohammad Shah Alam Chowdhury

Vice Chairman

As a trustee,

We're proud to witness the enthusiasm and determination that drives the ICT Olympiad Bangladesh forward each year. Your commitment to mastering the complexities of ICT and your creative problem-solving abilities inspire us all. Remember, this Olympiad is not just about winning but about the invaluable learning experiences gained along the way. Embrace the challenge and shine bright!

Mr. Md Shahinur Islam


It is with great pleasure that we,

The Board of Trustees, extend a warm welcome to the ICT Olympiad Bangladesh. Your participation demonstrates a passion for technology and a thirst for knowledge that is truly inspiring. As trustees, we're here to support and encourage you on your journey, and we look forward to witnessing the remarkable innovations you'll bring to the table. Good luck!

Mr. B.A. Wahid Newton


As stewards of this esteemed competition,

the Board of Trustees extends heartfelt greetings to all participants, mentors, and supporters. Your dedication to advancing ICT knowledge and skills is vital for Bangladesh's progress in the digital age. We commend your efforts and wish you success as you embark on this transformative journey. Let's make this Olympiad a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

Mithu Moroel


On behalf of ICT Olympiad Bangladesh,

I extend a warm welcome to each of you. Your passion for technology and commitment to excellence are truly commendable. As trustees, we are honored to witness your talents shine in this esteemed competition. Embrace this opportunity, challenge yourselves, and inspire us with your innovative solutions. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors.